Any commercial and residential building can be infested by termites, rats, flies, bugs etc. When you have a problem with the invading creatures in your commercial or residential building, you will try to clear off the problem using the pesticides and chemicals available locally and usually you will fail in this attempt and you will have to suffer the side effects of using the hazardous chemicals. These chemicals can cause health issues and breathing problems, mainly in kids, older people in the house and the pets. To avoid the use of insecticides and chemicals to control the infestations, you need to approach professional services to do the job for you. The problem needs correct, monitoring, assessment and proper solution implementation.

Problem management for residential and commercial properties

When managing the infestations of insects and rats and other creatures become uncontrollable in commercial and residential areas, they can cause financial and material damage. It is important for humans to live and work in a clean and disease free environment to be safe.

Make commercial properties bug free

It is essential for the properties to opt for appropriate cockroach control or insect and rat management service done once in 3-6 months. Commercial properties such as hotels, restaurants, clubs, factories, schools, etc., and homes, apartments are highly prone to infestations of termites, ants, silverfish, rats, roaches, spiders, etc. Specific management methods are available for these areas from the professional infestation prevention and management services for rodent control. Their treatments are all environment-friendly.

Customized safe solutions

There is expert service available for pest control at Blakes Pest Management and prevention that offer customized solutions based on the problem, area, extent of infestation, etc. The experts will have the right tool to assess the invasion and will offer scientific and safe solutions which are pollution free. These experts will make scheduled visits to your premises to assess the situation at regular intervals and to guide you on further actions needed if any.

 Keep health and property safe

  • Constant use of harmful chemicals in your home or commercial space can cause inconvenience to the occupants or people working on it. 
  • The professional services will update their technology to manage the harmful insects and pests and have trained and skilled people to handle various operations.
  • You need to look for companies which use WHO approved chemicals, herbal products or other safer methods for controlling the insects and other creatures causing diseases and allergies. 
  • You need to select companies which are committed to their service and offer very little turnaround time.